The Mini Mani: Basic Manicure

It’s just good practise for every women to know how to give herself a quick nail TLC. I always feel much more groomed and put together when I have a fresh mani, but lets face it – with my budget a weekly manicure just isn’t going to happen. I actually have the advantage of a diploma in Manicure & Pedicure (a little bit of extra study in my school years did pay off!), but it’s simple stuff really as long as you have the tools. Follow these basic steps and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

The Toolkit:
–  Cotton Pads
–  Nail Varnish Remover
–  Cuticle Remover Cream
–  Cuticle Pusher
–  Cuticle Cutter
–  Nail File
–  Base Coat / Top Coat / All-in-one
–  Your Favourite Nail Polish
Step One:
Soak your Cotton Pads in Nail Varnish Remover and give them a good scrub to get off all the residue from your previous mani. It’s a good idea to do this even if you’re starting with ‘clean’ nails as it will roughen the surface up a little and get your nails oil-free and prepped for your new colour.
Step Two:
Apply Cuticle Remover Cream to the bed of each nail and give it a good rub in – this will help loosen the cuticle attached to the nail as well as massaging and moisturising the skin at the base of the nail to stimulate growth. Grab your Cuticle Pusher and gently tease back the cuticles.
Step Three:
Using your Cuticle Cutter remove any over-hanging skin around your nail. Be gentle here – I find these highly addictive and have had too many incidents – it’s best to just remove skin that is already broken that could get caught on loose material on clothing etc.
Step Four:
File and shape your nails as you desire, I personally prefer a flat top with rounded edges – I like to keep them short as otherwise I get too tempted to pick and chew at them. I also strongly recommend you use a glass nail file, they’re much more gentle on your nails and just get the job done much better.
Step Five:
Apply a thin layer of your Base Coat and wait for it to dry before applying two thin layers of your Favourite Nail Polish. Finish it off with a final layer of your Top Coat to keep your polish shining on for up to five days.
TOP TIP: Apply thin layers of polish to avoid the nail getting too thick – in turn increasing the drying time and risk of nudges.
BONUS TOP TIP: If your nails are long enough, cap the edges of them with your Top Coat to increase the polish staying power. This reduces chipping as the edge of the polish is not on show and is a method always used by professionals for Gel Manicures.
That’s it!
Will you be giving this a go?